Video interview Adelina Sotnikova


A: Hello everyone. I am Adelina Sotnikova.

Adelina, we congratulate you to the end of the season. Please tell us what did you do since the World Team Trophy?

A: After the team world championships, I passed my exams. I was at my last year in school and I passed the EGE (state exam). I passed well, with fours (N.B.: 5 is the highest score in the Russian school system, T.F.). I am pleased that I even though I didn’t went to school I was able to do well in the exams. For me it is very good, I passed with fours in three exams, math, Russian and biology.


How tough was it for you to prepare for these exams?

A: It was hard. I was very nervous, because it is very worrying, when you don’t really go to school since the fifth class. But I had extra lessons and thanks to this I was able to pass the exams well, thank God.


Now you’ll enter the institute.

A: Yes, I’ll enter the sports institute GOVD to study coaching. I’ll be a coach.


The preparation for the new season has begun. What did you do already, what did you prepare?

A: Yes, the preparation for the new season is already going on. We already put together two programs, new programs, different ones compared to last year. As you call it, it is a secret, of course, because I don’t want to show all my cards. You’ll see them in the new season and you’ll assess them.


But you’ll surprise us?

A: Yes, I will surprise.


What’s next?

A: Right now the training process is going on, the work on the new programs. In June I’ll go on vacation for one week. I’ll go to Turkey. After that we’ll go to a training camp in Latvia and begin already the new working season, the working days are starting. That’s it.


What competitions do you want to attend?

A: I don’t know, two Grand Prix I’ll have for sure, and then, so God will, if I make the Final, I’ll go to the Final, the Russian Championships, the European Championships I hope, the Olympic Games I’m really hoping for, the World Championships – all according to plan, I would like.


Thank you, Adelina! All the best to you, good luck and see you in the new season!

A: Thank you.