Interview Javier Fernandez

Skate Canada 2012


Q: Yesterday you said that was the first time you won an international competition. Did you never even win a small one?


A: No. Not even like Merano Cup, never. I would get like silver medal, like bronze medal but never gold.


Q: How was your emotion on the podium when you were on the top?


A: I thought I was going to cry in the middle of the podium. I tried to hold myself. I was really, really happy. To see my flag in the middle of the three and to hear my anthem is something new for me. I was really happy when I was on the podium.


Q: What kind of motivation or confidence do you draw from this win?


A: What I take is that with work you can do absolutely everything. I have to keep working hard. It is going to give me a lot of motivation in practice every day. I try to do my best in practice, work and work and work. I think this is the motivation I get. With (hard) work I can win. Now I know that. I can do it.


Q: After not even winning the Merano Cup, you even the World Champion.


A: Exactly. It's something big. I didn't have it on my mind yet, but now I have it and now I can win. Before I was like, maybe I can, maybe I can't, but now I know.


Q: When you started out on the international circuit as a young skater from Spain, a small country in figure skating, did you ever dream of being in this position?


A: I don't think it ever crossed my mind at that point. I don't know, right now I can't even believe it. It is still really big for me.


Q: How did your preparation for the season go?


A: The summer went really well. I did a couple of summer camps, some in my ice rink, some elsewhere with Brian (Orser) too. They went really well. We did a lot of skating skills, did a lot of jumps. It was really interesting actually. We had a lot of fun. I tried some quad loops this summer. I landed a couple of them. In summer you have a little time to try new things. So that's what I did last summer.


Q: Did you go home to Spain?


A: Of course after France I went to Spain.I stayed there almost a month. After I went to Florida with my girl friend, just to spend a little time at the beach. My vacation was pretty long. It was like almost a month. It gave me time to rest, to be at the beach, to be relaxed. That was in May. I actually never stopped skating. It was not so much, almost nothing, but when I was in Florida I was skating a couple of days a week, like an hour, not to loose the feeling on the ice.


Q: How did you choose the short program „Mask of Zorro“?


A: It was more David Wilson's idea, but I liked the idea. It is a Spanish music, but it actually has a story inside. Sometimes you choose Spanish music, but it doesn't have a story. So that is why we chose that song, because it is from a movie, you have the actor, you can interpret it and I think it works.


Q: How did you choose the long program, „Charlie Chaplin“?


A: I picked that music, because I think Charlie is an amazing character. I think he is really cute and really funny. I think that suits my character and it is something I can interpret. When you do this music with the right choreograpy I think to the people can get emotional. I think it was a great idea, the program works.


Q: Now you are training with Yuzuru Hanyu. What was your reaction when you heard that he is coming? Were you jealous that Brian took another top student?


A: No. Brian actually asked me. He said, there is this young skater, you know him already. He is going to come here. Do you mind it? Do you have a problem? Of course, no. I'll never have a problem with that. I am not that kind of a skater. I think it is a plus that a skater like Yuzuru, who is a hard worker on the ice, an amazing skater, I think that can give me more in practice. It is not the same. If you have Yuzuru, he is such an energy boy. He can work and work and work. It is not the same if you have people like him or people how don't do anything. So of course, Yuzuru is a great skater and a great worker. So it is a plus.


Q: You have a laid-back, relaxed personality. Are you sometimes a bit lazy in practice?


A: Yes, sometimes I get a little bit lazy. Not that often anymore, I used to be a more lazy before. On some days I'm like, mhm, I want to stay at home. But of course, I try to push myself. When I have skaters around me like Yuzuru training with me they give me little bit more energy on the days I don't feel that strong. Of course, Brian, if he sees that I'm not doing that great at that point of the day he tries to push me, too. It is a little bit of everything, the things they make you skating the days you don't really want to skate, when you are really, really tired. But actually on those days you are going to improve more. The more tired you are, the harder it is, but it is going to be better for you, right?


Q: Do you think you have changed in that aspect a little over the past years?


A: Yes, I think I have changed in that. I think I'm a little bit more... I understand. I'm really happy because that means the work that I am doing with Brian is actually working.


Q: Patrick Chan was considered almost unbeatable. But you proved that if you deliver that judges will give it to you.


A: Patrick is a great skater and he is hard to beat, because his components are really high, right. His skating skills, absolutely everything is amazing. That's why it is really hard skater to beat. I'm happy I beat him, but he is still my friend. What he said in the press conference, what the people around are saying, Javi, congratulations, now I can see Patrick is really human. You have good competitions and you have bad competitions.


Q: In the last season, you had a very strong start as well but at Europeans and Worlds you could have done better. So what you are going to do differently this time that this won't happen again?


A: The last year was the first year that I skated at this level. I hope that this year is going to be better. I'll keep working. Last year I was going up, up, up and after I went down it was at Europeans and Worlds. Maybe it was too much for me, for my mind and my body. To be on the podium and that, like stress, pressure that I put on myself. It is not that year anymore, it is a new year. We are trying to fix that. I know I don't have to put pressure on me, I just have to go and do my work. I hope the same thing doesn't happen like last year, but you never know.