Interview Jorik Hendrickx in Oberstdorf on 08/01/2013

Q: In Paris you injured your ankle. What happened exactly?

A: I did a very good short programm, I was very happy and I was in a good shape. So I wanted to show that I could do a good free as well. But then before the practice I twisted my ankle (during off ice warm up). It was broken, but first I didn't know that it was broken so I kept working two days with it. Then I went to the hospital and there they took a picture  A lot of things were going through my head and I felt that the whole season was over. I didn't need surgery, so that was a good point. I'm trying to skate, doing steps, but it's still painful.

Q: How are you at the moment?

A: I'm doing steps now and I'm doing a lot of conditioning on the bicycle and strength training. But on the ice I am still in pain because I do all steps and now I'm trying to do some jumps. First I do a lot of preparations landing on my left foot and then I do some jumps landing on my right foot. It is not possible yet to do Lutz, loop and flip where I have to take off on my right foot.

Q: What do you think when you can come back to competition?

A: I definitely hope that I can do Worlds. But it depends if I can do all jumps again. It is still two months away from here and if I can progress like I'm doing now I think I can make it to Worlds step by step.

A: How did you keep your motivation? Who or what helped you?

A: First I was really sad and afterwards my coach and my mental coach cheered me up and after a while I was also very motivated and I started to do off ice work and I started going to the physio a lot. I was seeing the progress so it  was getting better and better. It gave me again the strength to continue and now I have only one hope to compete at Worlds and to make it to the final. Hopefully I can get an international ticket for Sochi. Because that's my goal and that's what is keeping me motivated.

Q: So I wish you all the best.