Interview with Isabella Tobias and Deividas Stagniunas
Oberstdorf, Februar 2013

Q:It has been a tough season. You had to cancel Europeans and other competitions due to Deividas‘ back injury. What happened exactly? How are you now?

Deividas: We did have a tough season. We didn't go to Europeans, because we had some injuries and sicknesses and at the same time we found out our Lithuanian president didn't give Isabella the Lithuanian citizenship. So all these problems came all in one and we were very devestated and upset and hurt with our back and this and that and so we decided to skip the European Championships to heal mentally and physically and to prepare for the World Championships. And to see how we are doing, we came to Bavarian Open to do a little competition before the World Championships.

Q: Isabella’s request for Lithuanian citizenship has been denied. How frustrating is this? How do you deal with this disappointment?

Isabella : Of course it was frustrating when we heard that they announced that they were not going to grant me citizenship. You know, I studied the Lithuanian language so intensely. It's such a difficult language and I went to the government and I passed the Lithuanian language exam that is required for citizenship and I had an interview with the citizenship committee and everything and, you know, after I have put my heart and soul into it, and Deividas has too, for them to slam the door in our face was really hard and I'm so proud of us for not letting this defeat us, saying we're gonna be stronger than this. And actually the president made an announcement because we got such huge support from Lithuania, from the fans. There was a petition, there were protests... we had such huge support that the president announced that the parliament was forming a special group, just to work for giving me my citizenship. And I really think that if we go to Worlds and we just give it our heart and our soul and if we qualify for Olympics we really believe they will grant us citizenship.

Q: What new goals do you set for yourself for next season? And how do you feel about the Finnstep for next season's short dance?

Deividas: For this season it's just to work hard and qualify for the Olympics.

Isabella : And for next season... I think we're really excited for the Finnstep. I've never done it, Deividas has, I think...

Deividas: Yes.

Isabella : So I think it will be fun. We've never really done something with a Quickstep or Foxtrott-flavour. So I think that it will be fun for us to give some variety and I also think it's a really light and fun dance, but it's also very elegant, so I think it will be nice for us to portray. And it's a nice change from this year.

Q: If you could change rules in ice dance – what would you change and why?

Isabella : Wooo, that's a tough one. I don't know. I always get really nervous in the draw. So I would say... I love how at Grand Prixs that when you go through the short dance, you just skate according to your rank and then however you do in the short dance, that's when you skate in the free dance, in reverse order. So I guess, if I could say I could change anything, I think I would just do the short dance according to rank and then however you place that's how you skate in the free dance. I mean, why not? You're so nervous in the draw...

Deividas: Yeah!

Q: How would you describe your character?

Deividas: We're passionate...

Isabella: Very passionate...

Deividas: ...and strong, fast, dramatic...

Isabella: I think emotionally we really feed off of eachother, like...I kind of use his energy and he uses my energy. Of course we skate for an audience, but I think we are really mostly involved in skating with each other, creating that relationship, creating that dynamic. So I would say, as a pair, like Deividas said, we're passionate, strong and dynamic.

Q: Deividas, if she was send to an isolated island. There is nothing. And she could bring three things. What do you think, she would bring?

Deividas: I don't know... a mirror?

Isabella: Oh stop it, I would not! Just because I love make-up.

Deividas: And...I don't know...

Isabella : ...a book!

Deividas: A book, yeah, she loves reading.

Isabella blanket.

Deividas: Yeah, I don't even know what I would take.

Isabella : Oh, I know what you would bring!

Q: What would that be?

Isabella : Oh he would take, for sure, his Ipod and headphones, because he loves music. I love music, too, so I would take an Ipod, too. He would take...what else would he take...toothpicks, because he always has one in his mouth. And... I think he would take a picture of his family and his girlfriend.

Deividas: That was a good one!

Isabella : See, always ask the girl!