Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov

Video interview during the shows in Kazakhstan.



Q: Good afternoon. With us are the two-time Olympic Champions, Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov. Tania and Max, how are you and how was your vacation?

Tatiana: We had a great rest. After the last show of Yuna Kim we had a ten days vacation which we decided to spend this year in Cuba. Basically we liked it, we had great company. This time not the two of us went on vacation, but we went together with our friends. There were six of us and it was a lot of fun.


Q: Maxim, I hope you also had a good rest. How is your shoulder injury doing?

Maxim: The shoulder is getting better. I rested and I did very few lifts. Now after the shows in early June in Japan we are going to our yearly training camp in New Jersey and our favorite doctor lives there, how, I hope, can fix me completely. I already have started doing lifts and twists and to learn new interesting elements.


Q: So you are preparing for the new season. In the new season there will be new rules, you can use music with lyrics. How do you like that or don’t like that?

Tatiana: It is an interesting idea, indeed. We had a short program, “Bring me to life”, and unfortunately at that time it was not in the rules that you can use music with lyrics and this brought us some difficulties. We were looking how we can take out the lyrics from the music. This year everybody will be more free and maybe something interesting will come up and pairs can skate to music with lyrics.

Maxim: The only thing is, I would not do the whole program (with lyrics), but just one part, you can have like a minute with lyrics or 20 percent of the program, for the beginning, like a test. We are careful right now about it…

Tatiana: We are still thinking about it…

Maxim: Yes. We are still thinking about our next programs. We have ideas that need to be confirmed by our coach. Therefore we are still thinking.


Q: You have won everything in the sport, two Olympic gold medals, but you continue competing. Do you think it will be easier for you or harder? Or will you have more freedom?

Tatiana: We decided to continue for another four years, maybe not for full seasons, we’ll see. We might sit out a European or World Championship, this is not yet confirmed in our plans. The spectators have not seen much of us, our pair is only four years old. Therefore we still want to make people happy with our skating.

Maxim: And a lot of pairs split up that the audience just started to like. If we had stopped pair skating probably would have started its history from scratch. So we decided to stay in and skate.


Q: That is great, and we are very happy. But do you think it will be easier for you to continue competing or will there be more responsibility?

Tatiana: We actually felt responsibility over all these four years, from the moment our pair was formed. Therefore now we’ll probably enjoy more, because in fact we have everything already and we just want to skate beautifully and enjoy and for the audience.


Q: Do you want to do something that you didn’t do before, new elements maybe, use a risky music?

Maxim: We have ideas and plans, we haven’t shown yet all elements in these four years that we can do. We still have some interesting lifts and a throw.

Tatiana: We are waiting impatiently for the rule changes. We’ll follow this.


Q: As Maxim said, a lot of pairs have split up and it will be an interesting season for you as well. Or how do you feel about that?

Maxim: I think maybe not this coming season will be so interesting, but more so the season after that, because all these teams will grow technically and become competitive. Obviously, it will be a very interesting four years, because there are many new faces, new couples and new images.


Q: The last question. In the show you skated a beautiful program to Rachmaninov that suited you so well. Do you consider using this kind of music for competition?

Tatiana: It is possible. We usually do some new programs and don’t mix exhibition with competition. But everything is possible, who knows which idea we’ll have tomorrow.


Q: Thank you very much, Tania and Max. We wish you success in the future.


Tatiana, Maxim: Thank you!